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    • Sellers Beware! Don’t Forget to Google! #Get Your House in the Game

    Sellers Beware! Don’t Forget to Google! #Get Your House in the Game

    BUT NEVER under estimate the power of Google.  In today’s day and age nearly 90% of buyers find their home online according to the National Association of REALTORS.  Make sure you are aware of what the internet is saying about your home since it will influence the kinds of concerns buyers will be considering.

    #1 Is your house mapped correctly?

    selling home online tipsMany times buyers choose houses based strictly on location and when an agent enters your address into the MLS it is sometimes automatically mapped incorrectly.

    #2  What do the tax records show?

    Do the tax records have the correct information? Number of bedrooms or bathrooms, square footage etc., a house has can be easily corrected.

    Check Here…

    #3 Check Google Maps Street View.

    Pictures may be dated and not show the improvements you have made to your home.  Be sure and make a list of all improvements and add to your listing information for buyers to compare.

    #4  Have You Checked Your Permits?

    If you have had work done on your house in the past make sure your contractor turned in the permits.  You can check here….

    #5 Are You Social Media Competitive?

    You staged your home beautifully, picked a competitive price, and listed the property … but is it actively being seen on social media sites?  Do you have a social media marketing plan? Virtual tours, videos, floor plans, and links to photo galleries promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are must do’s!  Get your HOUSE in the GAME!



    What have we learned from today’s lesson?  If you are considering buying a home be sure and Google the address.  IT WORKS BOTH WAYS!

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