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ACR Referral Fee Agreement

Use Genius Scan to scan your documents using your phone camera.  Genius scan will turn it into a PDF.

LENDERS  to recommend ….

Tell clients it’s like shopping for a car. You want to go with the lender that gives you the best rate and closing fees. click on picture for link:)

TITLE COMPANY  (alternate between)

Email the contract as soon as it is executed. *Get on the books for a closing day and time.


Big Country

First Texas Title –

All documents regarding a transaction will be sent to Kimberly.  Be sure  put her down to receive a copy through Docusign and give either one of us a heads up that you have a deal coming in. All executed contracts need to be emailed to Kimberly within 24 hours.

Skyslope will store all of ACR files as we need to keep them for 4 years. Checklists for contracts will make sure you have all the documents needed to close out a file.  Kimberly will let you know if any changes need to be made.

  • At the end of every deal please upload your texts to Skyslope.  You can do this by sending to your transactions to the designated email.  Example: if the address is 1818 Elmwood then the email assigned to that transaction will  be..


How to save an entire text conversation on your iPhone

1. Open the text chain you wish to preserve and hold a finger down on one of the texts in the conversation.

2. Tap the “More…” option when it appears, then tap the circle to the left of each text and image you want to save.

3. Tap on the curved arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen, then enter the phone number or email address  that you wish to send the text the conversation to.

4. You can also hold a finger down on the new text message and tap “Copy” to copy it for pasting elsewhere on your iPhone, such as into an email or a note.

Deliver your message in person with Bombbomb. Monthly updates will be sent to your sphere through Bombbomb.  It also integrates with Boomtown.

Click here to login 


password: ACRbomb2020

  • GAME CHANGER -You can also download the bomb bomb app on your phone and send your Bomb Bomb videos through texts!

ACR’s Predictive CRM and website giving us a leg up on the competition. Be sure and call Boomtown Support to get your Smart Drips set up. Make your Welcome Video (integrated through BOMBBOMB) the first email sent out to prospective buyers. Boomtown Support 1-843-300-3307

*You will need to integrate Bombbomb with Boomtown

Setup – My API Key



Copy and paste your BombBomb API key into your BoomTown Lead Email Settings page!

Recommenced  Smart Drips…

The Boomtown Library features videos, expert strategies, and learning.  Don’t miss out the the training BoomTown University Provides. Click Here for Classes

Angie Aguilar  325- 370-4725

  • Make Your Property Stand Out – For Sellers… Since buyers often look at multiple listings at once, it is critical that you make your property stand out. That’s where 31 Twenty-Seven Design comes into play. By helping you stage your home, you can decrease time on the market and increase the sales price, all the while helping capture the heart of your buyer. ACR will pay $75 charge up front…. if listing sells agent will reimburse ACR
  • For Buyers… 31 TWENTY-SEVEN DESIGN will meet with you during your INSPIRE Consultation to learn your ideas and needs and leave you with an inspired game plan. Service…. Angie will come out to ACR will split the $75 consultation fee with you.

Website Information

(325) 829-0146 text David as soon as soon as you go under contract to get in line for inspections.


  • Kimberly will order Home Warranty for Buyers a week before closing. Invoice will be sent to Title Company
  • Send Buyers Link to Brochure
  • * Old Republic offers a Rekey Service Free of Charge

Link to Send to Buyers Before Closing

*List of all the utility numbers and resources buyers will need to move in. * Be sure and let buyers know that utilities will need to be set up in their name day of closing.


Tyler Hale – (325) 668-3655

Click here for Website

Ken Cook  (325) 725-9777

Click here for Website *Offers a one year warranty on residential wood-destroying insects reports.

No Sweat Plumbing
Serving Abilene Texas and the Surrounding Area
State of Texas Licensed Plumbing Company
Brian Sweat
Office Direct: 325-370-9700
Phone: 325-370-4235

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Framer / Remodel – Rick Hargrove

(325) 668-6537

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